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Complex «AMYCARD 01C»

For Non-invasive activation mapping of the heart
Non-invasive activation mapping of the heart allows determination of spatio-temporal dynamics of electrophysiological processes in myocardium of auricle and ventricles and determination and localization of activation sources. Thus, it is possible to carry out an accurate topical diagnosis of heart rhythm irregularities. Read more

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Method of complex operation

Noninvasive activation mapping of the heart

Noninvasive activation mapping of the heart - is an innovative electrocardiographic methodology that is conceptually similar to medical tomography. The principle on which it is based consists of solving an inverse electrocardiography problem in the form of potentials – the computational reconstruction of electric field potential on the surface of the myocardium as a function of the measured potential on the body surface.

Main advantages of a method:

  • Noninvasive;
  • Simultaneous mapping for all four chambers of the heart;
  • Simultaneous mapping on epi- and endocardial surfaces;
  • Mapping during one heart beat;
  • Mapping of arrhythmias characterized by aperiodical processes;
  • Decision-making for challenging ablation procedures;
  • EP and topical diagnostics of challenging arrhythmia cases prior to surgery or interventional ablation procedures.

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However, its diagnostic value is inferior to that of epicardial mapping based on the solution to the inverse electrocardiography problem. ECG body surface mapping methodology does not require a CT or MRI study of the heart, since a mean model of the human torso is used for mapping. Receive consultation


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AMYCARD LLC is medical equipment company, located in Moscow, Russia.Founded in 2008 by a team of prominent Russian electrophysiologists and mathematicians, the company was supported by private investment in order to develop innovative methods for noninvasive diagnostics and for interventional treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. The results of the R&D works are protected by Russian, German and US patents.
«AMYCARD LLC» 119002 Moscow, Karmanitskiy per., 9, Arbat Business Center, Office 508 TEL: +7 (495) 232-31-20
FAX: +7 (495) 956-13-10
Email: info@amycard.ru