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Noninvasive activation mapping of the heart is an innovative electrocardiographic methodology that is conceptually similar to medical tomography. The principle on which it is based consists of solving an inverse electrocardiography problem in the form of potentials – the computational reconstruction of electric field potential on the surface of the myocardium as a function of the measured potential on the body surface.

This methodology makes it possible to noninvasively reconstruct a set of electrograms for the surfaces of the atrial and ventricular myocardia with high precision based on the mathematical processing of data obtained from electrocardiographic measurements performed on the surface of the chest. Thereafter, an automated analysis of the reconstructed electrograms is used to reconstruct the dynamics of the myocardium depolarization processes and identify the sources of the ectopic excitation of the myocardium. Thus, the noninvasive activation mapping of the heart makes it possible to perform electrophysiological and topical diagnosis of heart rhythm irregularities with a precision that was previously only achievable based on direct electrocardiographic measurements during interventional procedure.

The principal area of application for noninvasive mapping is set in preoperative diagnosis of complex heart rhythm irregularities in patients for whom the performance of the surgical or interventional treatment of arrhythmias is being contemplated. The detailed topical or electrophysiological diagnosis of an arrhythmia that is performed before a catheter ablation procedure makes it possible to optimally plan the course of the surgery and is expected to reduce the mapping time over the course of a subsequent invasive electrophysiological study of the heart. Thus, the decrease in operating time may be achieved, together with a reduction in the risk of interventional procedural complications, a decrease in intraoperative fluoroscopy time, and accordingly a reduction in patient and personnel radiation exposures.

Main advantages of a method:

  • Noninvasive;
  • Simultaneous mapping for all four chambers of the heart;
  • Simultaneous mapping on epi- and endocardial surfaces;
  • Mapping during one heart beat ;
  • Mapping of arrhythmias characterized by aperiodical processes.
Main areas of noninvasive activation mapping:

  • Предоперационная диагностика сложных нарушений сердечного ритма перед хирургическим или интервенционным лечением.
  • EP and topical diagnostics of challenging arrhythmia cases prior to surgery or interventional ablation procedures.
  • Post-procedure evaluations, repeated arrhythmia diagnostics.
  • EP studies of patients, for which catheter EP studies are not recommended.


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